Coyote P-Cover Scent Granules Big 64 fl oz Size!


Predator to Deer, Raccoon, Groundhogs, Gophers, Skunks, Possum, and Rats. BIG 64 oz Jug For Only $49.99 with Free Shipping!  Save over $20 vs. the 16 oz size of the same quantity!

Shake “P-Cover” granules evenly over your target area (where the critters are active).  Re-apply every week or after a heavy rain.

“P-Cover” is designed to use on lawns and other large areas where creating a perimeter would be difficult. One 64 oz jar of “P-Cover” will treat approximately 800 sq. ft.

Especially good for burrowing and rooting critters.

Weight 3 lbs