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Whitetail Deer Urine, Whitetail Doe in Heat Urine, Whitetail Buck in Rut Urine, Rabbit Scent, Squirrel Scent, Skunk Scent


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Hunters, Trappers, Photographers, Wildlife Researchers.


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Coyote Urine






Coyote Urine

Fox Urine

Fox Urine

Bobcat Urine

Bobcat Urine

Mt. Lion, Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther Urine

Mt. Lion Urine

(Cougar, Panther)

Wolf Urine

Wolf Urine

Bear Urine

Bear Urine

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The Pee Mart. Your discount online source for 100% pure animal urine.
America's First Discount Urine Store.

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Why Use Predator Urine For A Repellent Or A Training Scent?

Whether domestic or wild, ALL animals react instinctively. Deer don't cuddle up with coyotes... they run!
Your domestic dog will do it's business where another dog has gone. That is why predator urine is so effective in not only repelling pest animals such as deer, rabbits, mice, rats, etc., but is a great training scent for your dog or cat.

All predators mark their territory with urine.
All prey animals know this and avoid it.....it's that simple!

Use the power of nature to repel those pests!


It happens every fall! Every mouse, rat, skunk, raccoon, and squirrel looks for a place to hole up for the winter! Do not let them enjoy the comfort of your car seats, motor home furniture, boat cushions, under your porch, in your basement, or garage as their winter lodging. Now is the time to establish YOUR territory with predator pee. Simply place any of our predator urine dispensers in areas that rodents like to nest. If that does not discourage them, they will probably be dead BY A REAL PREDATOR by winter anyway! Each dispenser has an effective deterrent range of 200 square feet.

Check Out Our P-Gel Here!

Predator Urine Gel

Longest Lasting Scent!

No Spilling!

No Mess!

No Fuss!

Open The Top And You're Ready To Go!

Designed especially for motor homes, boats, cars, attics and basements! Great Repellent for Mice, Rats, Squirrels, Skunks, etc.

Need Wide Area Coverage to Repel Burrowing Pests??

Try Our P-Cover!

Granulated Urine in a 22 oz Shaker Jug.

Predator Urine Powder

Repels Moles, Voles, Skunks, Armadillos, or many other burrowing or lawn damaging pests!

Pest Animals

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Attractants and Cover Scent

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Whitetail Deer








Read What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say:


"Just got my coyote pee. Seems to be working thus far against this mammoth raccoon that thinks he owns the attic. Thanks, Pee-Mart!"
"Hey this wolf urine stuff really works!"

"I want to thank you so much for your products. I have tried EVERYTHING to keep the neighbors cats out of my garden. I have tried cayenne pepper, mouse traps, bungie sticks, chicken wire, carpet tack strips, and bird spikes. Nothing at all has kept them away. Every morning i walk out to my garden, and they have left me a mess.  I purchased the mountain lion urine from you last week, and it really works. I have finally found a product that works. I am so grateful for your product. I will be purchasing more and more as the need arises. Thanks again.


"I opened up my boat this spring and for the first time in many years..no rodent damage! I'm a believer in the bobcat gel"
"The wolf urine is actually keeping the wild sheep off my property!"

"I just wanted to THANK YOU! I ordered the gel fox urine to get rid of squirrels getting into my attic. I put it outside the house for a couple of weeks till smell wasn't to strong. Just put 1 jar in attic near air vent for good measure.Wish I purchased it sooner! THEY HATE IT!"

"I've had the same problem with moles/voles over the past few years. Only two things have worked for me... killing the grubs they feed on and spreading dried Bobcat urine around the perimeter of my yard. Here's a link to the site I bought mine at...

May seem strange to spread to Bobcat urine but they apparently are a natural predator to moles/voles. I started by spreading it around a smaller area working my way out over the course of a few weeks. Now I just spread it around the perimeter of the yard every month or so and it works great
" Frank R

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